Rookie of the Year – Pauline Houchins! Let’s Celebrate!


Atlanta award 2012

The Atlanta Apartment Finder team had a fabulous evening celebrating their Publisher, Pauline Houchins, winning “AF Rookie of the Year” with dinner at Viande Rouge in Atlanta

The team individually toasted their Publisher with heartwarming commentary about stories of why they love working with her and Apartment Finder. Many employees talked about their journey with Pauline and what made their relationship so special. Patty Crawford, VP of National Partnerships for Apartment Finder was one of the guests at dinner and she added “Pauline’s gift of building the perfect team has propelled Atlanta to new levels. She is talented at embracing existing team members and bringing in new members that create the perfect mix, a family in fact!” It was a dinner filled with lots of love and lots of tears.

Marcia Bollinger, President says, “Pauline and Team rock the Orange every day. I am so impressed with their ability to accept the challenges so they can feel the exhileration of victory month after month. The team spirit I see with this talented group is exhibited every day when they show the ‘one for all and all for one’ attitude. I am so proud of Pauline and excited for her win as “Rookie Publisher of the Year”.

The French Cuisine was amazing as well as the company. Marcia Bollinger created a night not only for the Publisher to remember, but for the team as well.

Marcia Bollinger, Michelle Roberts, Patty Crawford, Pauline Houchins, Molly Branch, Teale Ganster, Sarah Norman, Renee Hill, Mark Howell, Sarah Norman, Aimee Adams, Erin Protos, Gigi Morgan