Santa comes to Huntsville!

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Huntsville Santa

Congratulations to Amy Hawkins, Support Manager at Windscape Apts in Madison, AL for winning the Apartment Finder Holiday Sweepstakes! Out of over 2,000 entrants, Amy was the $500 Apartment Finder Holiday Cash Contest winner! Santa delivered the prize to her personally – and what a sight that must have been to see the Jolly Ole Man walking down the sidewalk with a big grin on his face for Amy! AF Publisher Lisa Ratcliff says, “We can’t think of anyone more deserving! The entire staff was there to celebrate with Amy as Santa presented her with the prize. Yay Amy…Yeah Windscape Apartments. We love you!”

Lisa goes on to say, “It was absolutely wonderful! She was thrilled!. I had tears streaming down my face when Santa presented her with the American Express Gift Card – and so did some of the other office staff. Amy said it was a real blessing to her since she has a 1 year old son, an 8 year old son plus she said she adopted a 12 year old angel at her church.”
Lisa continued her day: “After we delivered the prize we went to Lily Flagg Station where my husband, Ken, was Santa for the resident’s children. Listening to these precious children talk to Santa and hugging him made me have tears all over again. – – – Needless to say..Friday was an emotional day but, in a good way. Tears of joy. It’s so true that we are blessed when we do things for others.”

Amy Austell Hawkins is thinking about all the surprizes Santa is going to bring her children and her angel. — with Kenneth Ratcliff and Windscape Apts at Windscape Apartment Homes.

The staff at Windscape Apts joining in the celebration! Left to right, Katie Wendt & Whitney Sitzler, Leasing Consultants, Santa, Amy Austell Hawkins, Support Manager and Sheila Gilbertson, Property Manager.