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Tampa Best Booth

Evie Law, Publisher of the Tampa Apartment Finder wanted to pass along a picture of the front cover of Tri-City’s May Newsletter and was excited to say “our booth is on the cover!!”

Tampa Best BoothThe theme of the show was “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.” In an effort to lift spirits, the Tampa AF team created a “happy board” and asked attendees to write a little note and say what’s coming up roses for them this year. Evie went on to say, “It was wonderful to see all the positive remarks! Here are a few of the reasons Everything’s Coming Up Roses for the folks in the Tri-City area:

  • “New addition to the family!”
  • “My son is turning 1 this week!”
  • “Bottoms up to the royal wedding!”
  • “I’m happy Apartment Finder gave me terrific market information!” (I swear we didn’t ask her to write that )
  • “I have a fantastic team at Tuscany Lakes”
  • “My daughter’s wedding!”
  • “Promoted to Manager!”
  • “My healthy family!”
  • “I got a big bonus!”
  • “Baby on the way!”
  • “Married for 20 years!”

After signing the board, each attendee received a deliciously decadent cupcake to celebrate the good things happening in their lives! We had a great time, and were so Happy to win Best Booth!”