Six Inadvertent Commandments of Social Marketing

Author: Alecia Pirulis

The Apartment Internet Marketing Conference is going on out in Denver this week and has created a lot of stir under the #aimconf hashtag on Twitter. To follow some of the discussions, go to and type in #aimconf: the Twitter-stream will unfold.

The presentations seems to be chockfull of specific and interesting content. Reading the Twitter-stream you get a picture of apartment companies that see terrific potential in social media, but are cautious about challenges of management, execution and scale.

A couple of voices dominate the Twitter-stream. Charity Hisle is twittering as fast as they are presenting and has some good insight. One voice, Mike Brewer, was active only occasionally during the day, but in one of those moment of pithy serendipity that you find only on Twitter, Brewer issued six inadvertent commandments of social marketing. They follow:

picture-164Take these Tweets from top to bottom and you’ve got a pretty good set of guidelines for an effective social media campaign. I’d probably add one or two items about keeping content fresh and relevant, but on the whole, he nailed it.