Social media IS media


David Armano last week posted an engaging conversation on his blog with Bruce Nussbaum, a leading thinker on design and technology.

Nussbaum sees social media shifting the very definition of media, and the concept of digital rapidly morphing to the post-digital, where the activity that people engage in online is hardly distinguished from the activity that they have off-line.

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“Social media” has evolved to the point where we
should drop the word “social.” Most media is now networked, engaged,
participatory, looped. It’s the norm. Social media is where Gen Y live
and social media is where aging Baby Boomers are gravitating toward. We
are still sorting out the technologies and rules of the game for social
media. There are different cultures for different platforms. You have
to study these cultures as if they were different villages in different

I see virtually all corporate consumer business, retail, media,
education and health moving onto the social media platform. Think Mint
vs. Intuit (which just bought Mint). I believe hybrid social media
models will develop that integrate the personal with the network. I
think one of the next big things will be in cheap, portable video
conference systems that link to social media systems that make them
much more personal.