Social media time: A place where consumers stop on the web


Wondering how you’ll manage all the time you are investing into Facebook?

Don’t think about it in terms of a negative. Think about what kind of target you represent as you spend a big chunk of your day immersed in your favorite social media platform.

That’s what is at top of mind for a lot of marketers. Consumers spend more time, looking at more pages, on the Social web than they do with e-mail, search or any other application.

Look at the April usage statistics from Comscore/Media Metrix, a leading third-party web tracking firm.

search vs social network april.jpg

While search engines had 22% more visitors and 32% more frequent visits, social networks dominated in terms of engagement on the part of consumers.

Consumers viewed 3 times the pages and spent 4 times the minutes on social networks than they did on search engines. Average minutes per visit for social networks was 6.5 times that of search engines.

Think about it: Consumers sit down and get engaged on a social network. They flash in and out of search engines to answer very specific questions.

It doesn’t diminish the value of search engine marketing — both paid and organic. But it does present a different option for connecting with your current and potential customers.

An ad on a search engine is temporary and fleeting. You don’t build brand equity, you don’t build web presence: you just intercept a search.

A marketing program on a social network that incorporates good content and engagement builds tremendous brand equity. And it intersects frequently with qualified prospects and customers.

That is what behind the interest in social media. Consumers are spending huge amounts of time there. As marketers, we want to know how to reach them.