Spread a Little Holiday Cheer!



Big things, little things, fun things . . . it doesn’t take much to bring a smile to the faces of your residents!! Here are a few suggestions of things you could do to make the holidays cheerful and bright at your community. . .

Candy Canes: Purchase canes at your local store and have the maintenance technician leave one with the work order slip at each apartment home once he has completed the job. This will bring a smile to the resident’s face and let them know you are thinking of them at the Holidays.

Patio / Balcony Contest: Send out a flyer to all residents that the community will be holding a patio decorating contest. Have someone, possibly your landscaping vendor, judge the contest and offer $100 off of January’s rent.

Free Gift Wrap: Have your office staff stay after hours once a week during December and wrap presents for your residents! Don’t forget bags and tissue paper, those make it easy to wrap :)

Holiday Cards: No need to order the expensive holiday cards. Visit your local dollar store and purchase and see what you can find – have the entire staff sign each card. A personal signature goes a long way.

Resident Cookie Swap: Promote the cookie swap within the community and encourage the residents to sign up. Have each resident bring 2 dozen of their best cookies with a copy of the recipe. Place all of the cookies on a large table with small white bakery bags for the residents to swap cookies. Everyone gets a new recipe and a treat to take home.

Salvation Army or Toys for Toys: Offer a free application fee to any applicant that brings 1 new unwrapped toy to donate for the Holiday Season.

Parents Night Out: Allow the parents of the community to bring their children to the club house for a movie and popcorn night while they are off to shop for the Holidays. Be sure to have plenty of staff on hand to keep the children entertained.

Spend a little effort to make the holidays a memorable and warm experience at your community! It will make everyone happy!

by Victoria Fleming – AF Memphis Publisher