Superb Service — What a Concept!


service.jpgGreat service . . . it’s something we all love to be on the receiving end of, but do we all place enough emphasis on this within our own organizations?

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Delta Airlines’ “A Job Well Done” program by recognizing a truly superb service moment from a Delta employee. As a frequent Delta traveler, I received certificates earlier in the year with which I could choose to reward a Delta employee for going above and beyond — in this case, by simply maintaining a cool head and incredibly pleasant attitude in the face (literally) of an exceptionally ill-behaved fellow passenger.

By giving an employee one of these certificates at the time of the event, the individual not only receives internal recognition and a notation of this accolade in their service record, they also receive points toward redemption of special employee rewards (aka, free stuff!). Not too shabby, eh? And I, the customer, got to decide what was outstanding service — and it was such a good feeling, you can bet I’ll be on the lookout for opportunities to give more Delta employees this very tangible pat on the back.


It got me thinking about how this might apply on site in the property management industry. What if residents were empowered to recognize the on-site staff . . . leasing agents, managers, maintenance techs . . . and those same employees were consistently rewarded and recognized by their employers for these “job well done” moments? I’m sure there are similar programs in place, but I’m betting not enough of them based on much of Apartment Finder’s consumer research which tells us that simple things like a return phone call often never happens.

There’s a great article from Entrepreneur that cites “30 Ways to Show Your Customers They’re Always Right” that is a good primer for taking another look at your customer service program. One particularly noteworthy point:

Be certain that your passion for customer service runs rampant throughout your company. Employees should see how good service relates to your profits and to their futures with the company.

I know I’ll be rethinking this as it applies to my own organization and what we can be doing even better to reward our employees for exceptional service. I’d love to hear from you about special programs you’ve implemented within your organization!