Survival of the Cleverest


I love this video: it’s engaging to watch and listen to real people discuss real issues affecting their businesses. And it’s all-the-more interesting because [viewer warning] within the first minute or so, it’s obvious the film wasn’t edited for a G-rating; no, they tell it like it is. FilmFellas—producers of ‘webisodes’ like the one shown here—carry on a lively, frank discussion about what works in online advertising and how different business models must use different marketing approaches to succeed.

"Survival of the Cleverest"

"Survival of the Cleverest"

In spite of their hotly debated opinions, the fellas do agree on one thing:

“Social networking and community building are the future of advertising for local business,” explains Steve Weiss.

The discussion becomes heated at times, as members of the cast share their take on today’s rapidly changing advertising world. One message is clear:

“In order to survive… you are going to have to have a set of partnerships, alliances and new content that constantly come into play,” says Mike Michuad.

To watch the complete webisode, click here.