Sweet Home Alabama!


  • Are you In It to Win It in 2011?
  • Do you seize educational opportunities and take advantage of fun industry events?
  • Are you aware that 9% of leads are generated from social media?
  • Are you All Shook Up over Elvis?

If not, then you missed out on the 2011 Alabama Apartment Association (AAA) Educational Conference & Expo!

The infamous Jerry Wilkinson, 2012 Chairman Elect for NAA, inducted the new state officers and board members. The one and only Frank Barefield, owner of Abbey Residential, was sworn in as the new AAA President. He also spearheaded the owners’ roundtable discussion, where Michelle Childers, Apartment Finder’s very own marketing extraordinaire, explained the current state and the future of marketing and advertising.

There were hundreds of participants and the speakers were incredible! Lisa Trosien, with ApartmentExpert.com, spoke about the impact and the importance of social media. Doug Chasick, The Call Source Apartment Doctor, gave a touch up on Terrific Telephone Techniques and also reminded attendees the magnitude of customer service effectiveness. (We know attitude has a lot to do with it!) Paul Rhodes, with HD Supply, even offered a FREE class to any and all maintenance guys and gals who could make it to the show. What a phenomenal conference & expo!

AL group w MBI’m so proud of Apartment Finder’s booth with its glitz, glamour, and gorgeous women of Alabama and the MidSouth Region – Connie Allen, Carol Anne Grace, Christy Tucker, Susan Clayton, Heather Milam, Lisa Ratcliffe, Janice West, Victoria Flemming, Jill Theis, Patty Blum, Michelle Childers, and Marcia B! Whew, what a brilliant list of women! (Don’t you kinda wish you were there??)

Technology and innovation continue to move forward at lightening speed. Today more than ever we need to cultivate techniques that work and phase out practices that don’t. Integrated marketing is the new frontier – it involves print, online, social media, promotional materials, and more. I’m fortunate to be a part of the Apartment Finder family, who understands the value in this. Moreover, I’m proud to be a part of our local and state associations. These groups encourage and cultivate brighter minds and spearhead career development to make every individual the best he or she can be.

As we bask in the success of the 2011 AAA Conference & Expo, we waste no time looking forward to next year’s event. More customer service classes? Additional social networks about which we’ll learn? More crazy entertainment like Marcia B dancing with Elvis? I say yes to it all and then some!

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Marcia B, Patty Blum & Michelle Childers

Marcia B, Patty Blum & Michelle Childers

Heather Milam, Christy Tucker, Montgomery, Al  Frank Barefield (owner Abbey Residential), Jill Theis Lexington, Ky Finder

Heather Milam, Christy Tucker, Montgomery, Al Frank Barefield (owner Abbey Residential), Jill Theis Lexington, Ky Finder