The evening is time for online community building

Author: Alecia Pirulis, an online portal provider for apartment communities, recently compiled some interesting data about apartment residents that show they are most active building their online communities in the evening. This data is particularly interesting for property managers who are thinking about ways to engage their residents in order to improve retention. Our research at shows that residents find their experiences on social networks fun and rewarding. When given the opportunity to connect online with their apartment community, residents are most likely to use their time in the evening to get involved.

[Thanks to Lisa Trosien for bringing this good information to light.]

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69% of residents’ community-related activity occurs after 6pm

And to be more specific, in “residents’ community-related activity” we mean the following: messaging and chatting between residents; generating content on their Resident Portal (message-boards, recommendations, reviews etc.), events residents create for their in-property friends/neighbors and neighborhood-related activity (access neighborhood events, neighborhood businesses etc.). Well there you have it. Now the question becomes: what are you going to do about it.