The Orange Revolution!


On January 26th, 2011 the Mid-South team met and started an “Orange Revolution.” After reading a book by the same title Michelle Childers, Regional Director for the Mid South Apartment Finder team realized that many of the teams described in the book resembled teams within the Apartment Finder Family, however, there were some qualities that needed to be worked on for them to be a true Orange Team. So they set out on a journey to discover their own version of Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton’s Orange Revolution Model. The team was able to set a plan into place to carry their team through the next 16 months and beyond to have “Breakthrough Results and Sustained Success” not only for their team but also for their customers. The level of commitment of the team to their goals and accountability to each other even brought a tear of joy to the President of Apartment Finder, Marcia Bollinger’s eye.

If you want to learn how one great team can transform an entire organization pick up a copy of “The Orange Revolution” and “The Carrot Principle” by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton or visit their website Oh and make sure to drink the Orange Kool-Aid. We did!

Midsouth Meeting

The Mid-South team (Layla Yates, Susan Scott, Rebecca Besse, Monica Scott, Carol Nemmers, Michelle Childers, Connie Allen, Jill Theis, Victoria Fleming, Stephanie Embry, Danielle Freeman, Susan Clayton, Christy Tucker, Heather Milam, Lisa Ratcliff, Shannon Epperson, Janice West, Keli Wright, Carol Ann Grace ), Marcia Bollinger President of Apartment Finder (Middle holding our new mascot “Happy”) and Patty Crawford, Vice President Sales, East (Patty is the one in the back with the beautiful orange flower in her hair).