They do it big in Texas!!

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Texas OKC group

We have to put this article up in its entirety as it is AWESOME – should I say “Texas-size Awesome!”

Ahh Texas…the home of the Alamo, The Long Horns and steaks the size of hubcaps! (an epic win my book.)

Well this past weekend it was all about multi-family housing when downtown Fort Worth held The Texas Apartment Association Education Conference & Lone Star Expo (TAA). There was a RECORD number of attendees; there were 1,500 registered. The theme was “Lead to Exceed”.

The Apartment Finder crew out in Texas were in attendance to talk shop, attend seminars and get their knowledge on. One of the key things that Apartment Finder does really, really well is trade shows-our products are always a hit and our peeps totally know their stuff.

Events included:

* Thursday’s Jerry & Jeff’s Cowtown Throwdown Kickoff Party
* Friday’s Bodacious Backyard Bash Ultimate Party, and
*Saturday’s Grazin’ in the Bluegrass Installation & Awards Brunch where Jeff Lowery of McDougal Properties was named TAA President.

Former First Lady Laura Bush and her trusty sidekick, her Bobble Head doll, was there to deliver the keynote address at the General Opening Session…and she’s kinda a big deal.

Additionally, Apartment Finder Texas was a Platinum Sponsor of this year’s conference and orange could be seen throughout the trade show hall, the education sessions and of course, the parties. They also had a kickin’ booth at the Lone Star Expo!

So with all that said, you could wonder what else this blog post could impart. I mean really, it there anymore left to say? Yep.

A really cool component to the TAA conference this year was their use of Social Media and their Social Media campaign was fantastic.

Their Tweet stream was going full-force up to and through the conference. They used all their social media bag o’ tricks really well; they introduced their hashtag (#TAA2011) early on so attendees could get the scoop and draft their discussions on Twitter denoting them properly, they posted lots of varied content including a crack-up picture of the pain reliever/headache medicine arriving in bulk (ha!) as well as giving their sponsors shout-outs and kudos (it’s like your momma said, “say thank you when someone gives you money”).

Their Facebook page was also tromping along, amassing fans at a steady rate and creating a great online meeting space for attendees. They also used a couple of cool tabs that didn’t go unnoticed by fans. They used a customized landing page so first-time fans could get a preview of the all the good stuff they could expect at the event. There was a “Sponsors” tab where companies, like Apartment Finder, could get their love. They had a “YouTube Channel” tab for videos and a call to action wherein they asked their fans to post their pictures and videos from the event. They also made a special point to head-off misuse by telling fans that blatant marketing on the fan page is a huge no-no which freed them up to delete inappropriate and obnoxious posts by “statusjackers.” All in all, they had a fantastic and engrossing Social Media campaign that really captured the essence of Trade Shows- part social, part networking, part learning and part data exchange. This is a great example of the online world mirroring the offline world.

Throw in some great parties, a mechanical bull (I am totally humming the theme song to Urban Cowboy as I write this sentence) to the mix of standing room-only seminars and a Texas-sized good time was had by all.

Article by Ashley Sasnett – – Ashley is a Social Media Account Manager who loves her Social Media Texas-sized and just like her favorite A-Team Colonial, loves it when a plan comes together.