Toys for Christmas


Marcia and familyRecently I was in a WalMart in a small town in Oklahoma with my sister and two of her kids. We were shopping for a movie for my 5 year old niece Hannah Doneen (my namesake). As we walked up to the movie aisle, I noticed a small boy around 7 years old sobbing and pointing to a race car set. “Pleeeeease can I have a race car set. I just want a toy to play with” he cried to his mom and dad.

His mom looked at the dad who was starting to pick up the race car box – and held back the Dads arm saying “you know we don’t have the money for this, we have to buy food for the week with our $40, we just cannot get this.” The dad paused and put the race car set back on the shelf. The boy wailed, “I want a toooooooy.” As we walked by, Hannah and Philip my nephew, looked at me and our pace slowed as we approached the movie section. I told them, I will be right back, you stay here and look at movies. I reached in my purse and took $40 out…..walked around the corner. I looked at the dad and said “Please take this and buy your son this race car set – this is just a random act of kindness from me, my niece and nephew.” Hesitantly he looked at his wife and they were shocked. For a few seconds nothing happened, then she nodded and said OK. I walked back around to the movie section where my niece and nephew were looking for our movie. In a minute the boy and his parents came around the corner, he had the race car set wrapped up in his arms…..he smiled at me and said – “thank you lady, I love this car set.” I said “you are so welcome – have fun with it.”

My nephew Philip looked at me and said “Aunt Marcia, did you give them money to buy that toy for the crying boy?” I nodded and said “yes, isn’t it cool to help people out who don’t have as much as we do – just being kind to a stranger.” He grabbed me and hugged me and said “We are so lucky to have you as our Aunt, thanks for being kind to a stranger. Let’s get Hannah’s movie, I want to wait to get a new DS game until our next trip.” We smiled at each other, grabbed the movie for Hannah and headed to the check out. I think in his own way, Philip wanted to be a part of that moment by giving up his game. (SHHHH, don’t worry, I have his new game wrapped and under Mema’s tree in Oklahoma.)