Trailblazing Tizen App Sets Apartment Finder Apart

Author: Alecia Pirulis


After two recent Wall Street Journal blog posts about Samsung’s new operating system, Tizen, and Apartment Finder’s ground-breaking app, there’s even more buzz – this time from the USA Today article, “Samsung’s updated smartwatch to shun Android.” An exciting new development involves wearable technology — specifically Samsung’s updated Gear smartwatch, which will feature the new Tizen operating system. Samsung is set to unveil the new Gear at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

After a somewhat rocky start, Samsung is now pushing its new Tizen operating system heavily and has 15 new partners, including Sprint, Baidu, and SoftBank. And while the first version of Samsung’s Gear smartwatch ran on Google’s Android operating system, using Tizen in the new version is an exciting step for Apartment Finder, one of the first companies to develop an app for the Tizen operating system.

According to the USA Today article, Samsung’s goal is to generate more revenue from its own software and services by finding its place in the wearable technology market. Stuart Richens, vice president of digital media at Network Communications, stated, “Samsung is trying to protect its own long-term interests, not fortifying Google’s Android camp while building their own camp around Tizen.”

Tizen is a Linux-based operating system that was first released on January 5, 2012. It is an innovative operating system that includes a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, smart cameras, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Since half of Apartment Finder’s customers use mobile devices, developing a Tizen app – even before any device used the system – was a bold move. According to Richens, “If Samsung releases more Tizen devices, that’s potentially a big opportunity. If they make that move in a big way, we want to make sure we are there early.”

Innovation and cutting-edge technology has made Apartment Finder a leader in the multi-family industry, and its proactive approach is being noticed and rewarded. Recently named the Number One Apartment Search Source by SatisFacts Index and the Best Internet Listing Service at the 2013 Multi-Housing News Technology Choice Awards, Apartment Finder continues to provide the latest technology to customers for the best possible search experience.

To read more about Apartment Finder’s Tizen app, read the Wall Street Journal’s article, “With Tizen, Samsung Bets on Cash, Clout” and the “Korea Realtime” blog.