Useful Twittering: Finding the Value in Twitter


This year’s AIM Conference had an impressive line-up of seminars with outstanding speakers–several presentations focused on social media. The sessions were overflowing with people, many of them ‘staWhat is Twitter?nding room only’. From one session to the next, speakers held audiences in rapt attention: people furiously scribbled notes; some typed key points into their PDA’s; still others Twittered real-time with the speakers. During Q&A’s at the end, there was never an awkward, ‘no-one-is-asking-a-question’ moment; in fact, Q&A sessions often ran overtime. It was evident: everyone was hungry for practical, real-life information and tips about growing their social networking presence across the variety of platforms available today.

In spite of the apparent zeal for seemingly all things related to social media, a not altogether positive opinion about Twitter emerged. Many people confided (almost in hushed tones lest anyone should overhear) that they understood the value of services like LinkedIn…could now see how Facebook might be good for their business…yet they ‘still didn’t get it’ when it came to Twitter. Remarks like this were common:

“If I wanted to know that Debbie ate a taco at lunch, I’d have asked her!”; “Why would anyone want to follow me?”; and, “Seriously, where’s the real value in Twitter?”

Admittedly, I wasn’t altogether sure of the answers either, so I set out to learn more. This is the first in a series of posts to offer some tips and information on Twitter and other social media sites. For a good first step to understanding the value of Twitter, click here.