We can have fun & work too!


Dallas 1 group

The Apartment Finder teams from: Texas,Oklahoma,Missouri and Arizona recently gathered in Plano,Texas for a Regional Training Retreat. They were also joined by Marcia Bollinger, President, Kevin Telfer Vice President Western Division, Krista Castillo, National Sales and Andrew Witter, Director Strategic Accounts/Digital Sherpa.

Marcia B & Michael Follis

The group had a busy, but productive two days participating in team building and role playing exercises and reviewing new Apartment Finder products and processes. The highlight of the retreat was dinner Monday night at Mi Cocina, where the group of 40 was joined by NCI CEO Fulton Collins.

From bottom to top: Crystal Tolen, Krisha Smith, Mica Lee, Courtney Chamblin-Wilson, Marcia Bollinger, Martha Aguayo, Krista Castillo, Gina Schuler, Cheryl Leonard, Robbyn Golden, Katrina Linker, Michelle Winston, Carolyn Villarreal, Keri Allison, Christina Russo, Julie Kirton, Clare Halstead, Colette Jackson, Shannon Cleveland, Joanie Stallo, Michael Peterson, Jessica Cantu, Tim Phencie, Katie Hite, David Arnold, Mally Cook, Holly Stuckey, Anita Alberger, Kevin Telfer, Mike Follis, Andrew Witter.


Mally Cook & Anita Alberger