Web traffic growth continues at Apartment Finder in April


Apartment Finder continued its strong growth in web traffic in April, according to figures released by the independent web monitoring firm, Comscore/Media Metrix.

In April, Apartment Finder logged 1.42 million unique visitors, a 117% increase over the prior year, Media Metrix reported. For Rent had 1.63 unique visitors in April, down 14% from the prior year, while Apartment Guide had 1.42 million unique visitors in April, up 15% from the prior year.

One observation about the Media Metrix report: it shows the strong foundation of consumer usage developed by the three integrated-media marketing partners in the multi-family space. The power of the print promotion helps to drive usage to the companion internet listings sites for all three companies, helping to fuel a high volume of leads. This marketing combination is unmatched in terms of efficiency and effectiveness by any other solution in the multi-family industry.

At Apartment Finder, we’re proud of the job that we’ve done building a strong and growing web presence by extending our prospect-focused distribution strategy online. We’re continuing to see terrific success with our search engine optimization strategy, which has allowed us to leverage the trend on the part of consumers to use more keywords in their search. (As consumers become more confident on the web they are increasing their keywords searches to more than four terms, compared to the one- or two-term searches they once used.)