What is Your facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Apartment Community

Author: Alecia Pirulis

So, you aren’t sure yet about this whole facebook thing, and how that ties into your Apartment Marketing Plan. The numbers are staggering, Consider a recent post from Inside Facebook, What Does a World with One Billion Facebook Users Look Like:

Facebook started the year with just under 150 million active users worldwide, crossed 300 million in September, and we estimate it’s on track to end the year with just over 375 million. It’s hard to comprehend that kind of growth, but to put it in perspective, there are only about 1.65 billion active internet users in the world. If you exclude the 350 million active internet users in China, where Facebook is blocked, that means that about 29% of the total worldwide internet population will be active Facebook users by the end of 2009.

With estimates calling for the global internet population to grow to 2.1 billion in 2012, potentially to 2.5 billion by 2015, could Facebook reach 1 billion active users in the next five years?

Or, a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, Social Networking, They Are Taking It to the Tweets,

Human communication vehicles have evolved from smoke signals to the town crier to the Internet. So it’s no wonder homebuyers and sellers are using social networking sites to connect.

Facebook was the vehicle of choice for Mike Lorenz when he began home shopping with his wife last year. Lorenz read about the first-time homebuyer tax credit on the Facebook page of Tim Ireland, a Realtor with Re/Max All Properties in New Lenox. “That got our attention,” recalled Lorenz, who uses the site daily to keep in touch with friends and to secure gigs for his photography business.

After communicating through Facebook, e-mail and text messages, Ireland sold Lorenz a condominium in Tinley Park.

“For me, Facebook works,” Ireland said. “I don’t post listings [of homes] there, but I do talk to 60 to 70 percent of my clients there.”

You Can’t Ignore The Numbers

Our beloved multifamily industry is run mostly by Conservative Financial Folks and Fair Housing Folks, NOT Marketing Folks . Their standard answer is No, We have never done that here. Well, Perhaps the time has come to Break From The Pack of Apartment Commdity, and not leave thier office until you get a Yes.