What should be in a community description


While there are TONS of posts about writing compelling descriptions about your community, I figured I would help with some data. Here is a word cloud from a recent month of internal searches on the ApartmentFinder.com site. If you take a look, dogs are more popular than cats (and are often referenced without the word pets). Townhouse and Townhome seem to be synonymous for our users. A garage is more important than furnished and washers and dryers seem to be key.AF Cloud

Why is this chart important? Because many leads are finding you through Google – either on your site, our site or other sites. So if these are the keywords and phrases used in our search, good chance they are being typed into Google. If your community has these features but does not use these words in its description, those Google searchers will never find you.

One parting thought. Even though we know that Google LOVES unique content, I have not seen any property posting a different description to each of their advertising partners. This would be a great way to (a) avoid being seen as duplicate content and (b) cast a wide net to be easily found in search.

Market On!