Why SEO Is Important in the Apartment Industry

Author: Lauren Ross


The goal for any type of business is to outsell (or outperform) the competition by attracting customers to your place first. In the apartment industry, it’s understood that the internet plays an instrumental role in leading prospects to apartment communities.

Increased visibility on search engines, like Google or Bing, is a great way to achieve more organic leads. An apartment community may need to revise their website in order to become more search engine-friendly, which will help search engine optimization (SEO).

Knowing the terms that renters use to search for an apartment is vital for a community to stay relevant in Google. When a phrase or series of words are typed into the search box, Google scours the web for sites that closely match or resemble the keywords. Keyword Planner by Google AdWords is a free tool that helps businesses research the types of terms that are most often used by consumers. Multifamily professionals can then use these phrases and keywords in campaigns or on a site homepage to increase visibility.

Your keywords should be localized and molded to what renters are searching for. Being too broad can have repercussions, such as the apartment community getting lost in a sea of search results pages. Pet-friendly apartments in Pensacola; Affordable apartments for rent in Atlanta; San Francisco apartments with garage; and high-rise apartments in Chelsea, New York neighborhood will work to your advantage. Avoid using general terms like “Apartments for rent in California” or “Pet-friendly apartments for rent”.

Apartment managers should be linking their community website to blog posts and social media since it helps with Google rankings. Also, the more links you have on outside sources that redirect consumers back to your homepage, the more it boosts your SEO. This is called “link building”, and link building helps direct traffic to your website organically.

For example, say your community has been featured in an article from a local online magazine and on a neighborhood forum because your community sponsored a school fundraiser. If those external sites have linked your website to their content, then your apartment complex will surpass others that have no outside links. By producing content that apartment hunters want to engage in, you can increase your chances of link building.

As previously mentioned, you want your consumers to read –and enjoy- your content. If the website lacks what a prospective renter is looking for, such as local attractions, apartment amenities, photos, and details about the neighborhood, then they will most likely search elsewhere. You can improve your website and its position by including apartment community information, nearby attractions, amenities, schools, and floor plans in an attractive way. Google, as well as prospects, will find this content valuable.

Search engine optimization is an efficient and effective way to increase your site’s visibility and attract leads. If you want to boost your SEO performance, then consider FinderSites, a custom apartment community website service. Contact your Apartments.com network representative today to learn more.