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American Express has been running a series of interesting articles on its OpenForum site about how small and medium-sized businesses can leverage social media to their advantage.

A primary theme is that targeted, local businesses can use social media to significantly improve their visibility on search engines. One expert, Jason Falls, points to the simple power of a blogging strategy to drive search.

Excerpts are below. You can find the article here.

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Jason Falls provides public relations and communications consulting to brands big and small, and he shares his knowledge from his years of experience on his business blog, Social Media Explorer. His best advice for small business is to use blogging to win search results and drive more business opportunities online.

Falls believes that small businesses have bigger opportunities than their larger competitors because, “in most cases for small business, they can win search results for targeted keywords with very little effort because their competition isn’t doing it … there’s just not enough people out there doing it right now, which makes it rather easy for you to win search results.”

For those small businesses already blogging, Falls advises that, “as you get more comfortable and experienced, start thinking of customized landing pages for the products and product lines that you sell. You can probably find WordPress plugins that will allow you to do that easily.”