Yelp for Apartments — FREE Webinar!

Author: Alecia Pirulis

As many readers of this blog are aware, there’s been quite a lot of chatter recently about apartment ratings and whether or not the ILS leaders in our industry should include (or even mandate) ratings on our sites. It’s been a lively conversation, with many differing opinions — but what almost everyone agrees on is that there really isn’t a widespread understanding among multi-family housing operators about how ratings can be a benefit to them in marketing their communities. yelpLogoHires

Not long ago, we included a cool ratings integration feature on our site — any of our advertisers can opt-in to have their Yelp reviews featured on their Property Details pages — it’s easy, and all they have to do is let us know or even turn the feature on themselves in our web-based ad management system.

While attending a conference recently, our own Todd Dubner ran into Geoff Donaker, the COO at Yelp, and struck up a conversation with him about how few of our advertisers had embraced our Yelp feature online. One thing led to another, and we are now hosting a webinar on February 5th so that our advertisers and industry friends can hear directly from Geoff and his team about managing their online reputation utilizing a site like Yelp.