Your Lowest Paid Employee?


Facebook Poke
by Julie Kirton, Account Executive, St. Louis Apartment Finder

Why are your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter social media platforms your lowest paid employees?

Imagine if your salespeople spent 80% of their time being unproductive – would you still employ them? Something would have to change.

Now think about your Blog, Facebook, or your Twitter accounts. If any one of them does not produce the results you expect, do you fire them? Because your Blog, Facebook and Twitter are your lowest paid representatives, and potentially your top performing employees, it would make more sense to invest a little more time and training on each of them.

Try this: Next time you’re in a marketing meeting, bring your Facebook, Blog, and Twitter with you. Give them more attention, and training. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Blog will produce an excellent web presence that will give you premium exposure online at a fraction of the cost of even your lowest paid employee. Be specific with your needs from your social media outlets and sure enough they will produce tangible and traceable results.

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