5 Tips for Moving with Toddlers

Author: Lauren Ross


When you have young kids in the home, you’re constantly on the move. But when you’ve just accepted a new job in the city and have to move closer, you will be starting an actual move with the kids in tow – while also trying to keep a sense of normalcy by running them to their weekly activities.

What are the secrets for an efficient move that includes a household with toddlers? Here are five tips to help.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Moving is already tough for a lot of people. Parents with young children may find is especially difficult since toddlers require a lot of attention as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your girlfriends or buddies; if they offer to come over and help you pack, graciously accept and have them over when they’re available.  Ask grandma or an aunt to come and take the kids for a few hours while you pack. This will allow you time to really box up the kids’ rooms without any disruptions.

2. Communicate to S.O. about moving piles.

Whether you’re configuring piles in the kids’ rooms or beginning on your own things, be sure to communicate to your significant other (S.O.) about which piles go where.  You will likely have a keep pile, which will go with you to the new home; a toss pile, which will be taken out to the dumpster; and a donation pile, which may help benefit someone in need.

If your child notices one of their items in the donation pile and gets upset, let them know that their donation will help make another little girl or boy very happy – which might make them feel good about the decision (and hopefully avoid a complete meltdown).

3. Declutter during the kids’ bedtime.

As you’re going through the toys in your son or daughter’s room, it’s very likely he/she will begin playing with them. So a temper tantrum doesn’t ensue, consider decluttering their bedrooms after they have gone to bed. Take the toys that are being kept to another room to be boxed up later; immediately toss the ones that didn’t make the cut.

4. Give your kids a box to pack.

This can be any type of box – a container, shoebox, hat box, etc. Let the kids “pack it” themselves so they have something to do while you’re busy packing the house.

5. Show them the kid-friendly amenities at the new apartment.

So the children can get acquainted with their new home, drive them over and show them all the new kid-friendly amenities to experience. You might consider going over to the nearest park or playground, too. This might help them warm up to the idea of moving.

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