Don’t Forget the Utilities

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Sometimes, the small details can get overlooked during a move. Unfortunately, those small details can equal big headaches. If, for example, you don’t get your power turned on before move-in day, you could end up moving into a home with no lights, no air conditioning … or no heat.

If you are moving to a new city or if this is the first time you’ve moved into a new home, call the utility companies in the area and ask about their installation or connection fees and if any deposit will be required. This way, there won’t be any surprises. Also, don’t forget to fill out a change of address card at the post office. You can do this now and specify the date you want your mail to be sent to the new address.

Two weeks before your closing date, call all of your utility companies: electric, water, gas, phone, Internet, cable, and trash service. Don’t give your closing day as the turn-on/turn-off date. Chances are you will be busy moving out of one place and into the other on that day – you don’t want to be lacking utilities at either location. The best idea is to overlap them slightly – have the utilities shut off at your old place the day after closing. Have the utilities turned on at your new home the day before closing.

One week before your closing, call all of the companies and confirm the shut-off and turn-on dates. This way, there won’t be any mix-ups. Also, it is always possible for closings to be delayed by a day or two, so it is a good idea to verify the closing date with the utility companies.

There are several companies available to assist with utilities, such as and If one quick phone call sounds much more appealing than several separate calls where the possibility of being placed on hold for an indeterminate time period is quite real, this service may be worth the small fee they’ll charge to handle this detail for you.