Intent to Vacate Letter Template

Author: Lauren Ross

intent to vacate 2

So, you plan on moving out? Before you begin packing and scheduling movers, be sure to inform your landlord or property manager of your plans to leave. Giving an intent to vacate letter should always be done in writing, so there are no discrepancies and disputes regarding your move-out date.

Read your lease agreement carefully and check for specifications about the move out process, specifically how many days you’re required to give notice. When you draft your intent to vacate letter, provide the date it was written, and supply the date you will be leaving as well as a forwarding address so you can receive your security deposit and mail. Make two copies, one for you and one for the office.

Below is a sample letter to help you get started:

[Your name]

[Your current address]

[Today’s date]

[Landlord or property manager’s name and address as it appears on rental agreement]

Re: Notice of intent to vacate

Dear [Landlord or property manager’s name],

This letter constitutes my [# of days notice as listed on rental agreement]-day written notice to inform you of my intent to vacate apartment [apartment #] on [date of move-out]. I will expect my security deposit to be returned in full, since I have left the apartment in satisfactory condition. You can mail the deposit to my new address: [forwarding address]. Should you need to contact me directly, I can be reached at [phone number or email]. 


[Your name]

______________ [Signature]


If you decide to mail your letter, be sure to follow up with the front office to verify that the letter was received. If you’re breaking your lease, carefully read the agreement and ask the property manager or landlord if any other details should be included in the notice to vacate letter.

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