Helping Move In Your Partner’s Kids (When You Have Children of Your Own)

Author: Lauren Ross


It’s such a happy, encouraging occasion when milestones are met within blended families.

When one parent, who has kids of their own, moves in their partner’s children into a home they both share, that accomplishment alone is monumental, since they can now begin to live their lives as a new family unit.

Now that you and your significant other have been living together, his/her kids have requested to move in. As a parent yourself, you’re thrilled about them coming to live with you and your partner full-time. Of course, you will have to discuss the plan of the kids’ move with your partner. As a courtesy, you may want to include the children’s other parent as well.

So, how does one help out and handle the process of moving a partner’s kids into a home that you share? Continue on to find out!

Extend a gracious ‘welcome home’ to them

After you and your significant other have discussed how to move in your stepchildren, graciously welcome them into the home. It’s important to let them know that this is now their home, and that they should feel comfortable at all times.

After discussing with your partner the timeline of the children’s move, begin scouting quotes for movers or moving vans to transport their belongings. Be sure to include the other parent in the process, since this may have been a difficult decision for them. And in your sincerest tone, let them know they are more than welcome to call anytime to schedule a visit.

Allow them to arrange their bedrooms

Letting your partner’s kids set up and decorate their rooms is a great bonding activity. Have them pick out where they would like their bed, desk and dresser to be, and then help out with decorations. If they need more furniture or accessories to make the space their own, hit up the local Pottery Barn Kids or Target so they can be involved in creating their own private space, in their new home.

Make time for family bonding

Kids are typically outgoing and can bond with others over almost anything. But when kids who used to see your partner’s children as friends, now see them as brother or sister, it can be a little weird for them. Once everyone has settled into the apartment, plan some family bonding activities like going to the lake or renting a cabin in the mountains for a long weekend.

The kids will be able to spend quality time with their new step-siblings and continue their friendships.

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