Packing Supplies Checklist

Author: Alecia Pirulis

packing box

Moving day is stressful enough without suddenly realizing (usually in the middle of packing a box) that you don’t have something you need. Making a mad dash to the store when your house is in disarray and the moving men are on their way is the last thing you want to do. Gather the supplies on this checklist in the weeks before moving day, and keep the checklist handy so you can refer back to it before you begin packing. Keep smaller supplies organized in a plastic container – you can then use the plastic container to pack a first-night kit (so you don’t have to worry about unpacking tons of boxes or worse – having nothing if the moving truck is delayed).

___Boxes: You’ll want a variety of sizes – more small ones than you think. Heavy items should go into smaller boxes to keep the weight manageable. Get twice as many small boxes as large boxes, and toss in a few medium-sized ones, as well.

___Wardrobe box: This makes keeping your clothing neat and organized so much easier – it’s worth buying one from the moving supply shop.

___Bubble wrap: Absolutely essential when packing delicate items – you can also use bubble wrap as a cushion in the bottom of the box.

___Tools: You’ll need the basics to take things apart and remove nails from the walls – a hammer, screwdrivers, and a set of Allen wrenches.

___Packing tape: Get more than you think you will need because you’ll be amazed at how fast you use it up. Don’t use masking tape.

___Sealing tape dispenser: It makes taping up a box so much faster and much easier.


___Box cutters

___Paper: You’ll need a lot of paper for wrapping. Try to avoid newspaper if you can – it will leave stains on everything.

___Heavy-duty trash bags

___Permanent markers: You’ll need more than one because they tend to go missing. Get at least two, and if someone else will be marking boxes, get at least two for them, as well.

___Stretch wrap: This comes in handy for items with doors and drawers. It’s also great for keeping paired items together. The wrap clings to itself, so you won’t have to worry about tape sticking to delicate surfaces.

___Small, sealable plastic bags: You’ll want to keep small items (the screws you remove from the bedframe, for example) together so nothing goes missing – store them in the bags (the bags with labels are great — you can jot down what the bag contains).

___A notebook and pencil or pen: Keep track of boxes and what the boxes contain by putting a number on the box. In the notebook, write down the box number and list important contents.

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