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"Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Move Out Day

Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Move Out Day

Moving is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. But before you can settle in, you have to cut ties completely with your old apartment. Getting your deposit back is the last step in moving out, and this … Read More
"Moving Impossible: Fitness Equipment

Moving Impossible: Fitness Equipment

Perhaps you just couldn’t resist that late-night infomercial pushing the “latest and greatest” in home fitness. Or maybe a friend was using his treadmill as a clothing rack and decided to give it to you. Or maybe you are a … Read More
"Your After-the-Move Checklist

Your After-the-Move Checklist

You were organized (and calm!) during your move into a new apartment! You had all the right supplies, you packed and labeled your boxes, you made lists, you dealt with utilities…whew! Aren’t you glad that’s over? Not so fast – … Read More
"The Apartment-Renting Survival Guide

The Apartment-Renting Survival Guide

1. Know Your Budget! Sure, that trendy luxury high-rise in the heart of the city is gorgeous. Yes, they have so many perks and amenities it’s enough to make you never want to leave your apartment building, but can you … Read More
"Moving Impossible: Waterbeds

Moving Impossible: Waterbeds

When you purchased your waterbed, you probably didn’t consider the day when you’d have to move it. Now, surrounded by moving boxes and packing peanuts, you’re staring at your waterbed and wondering … now what? First, if you are moving … Read More
"5 Moving Tips To Simplify Your Life

5 Moving Tips To Simplify Your Life

It’s almost a given that during any move, there’s bound to be certain unaccounted-for details that are lingering on the sidelines, waiting patiently to devour your emotions and well-planned budget. Sure, accounting for everything can be difficult, but to help … Read More
"Moving Impossible: Pianos

Moving Impossible: Pianos

They’re heavy, they’re awkward, and they are easily damaged – all of which puts pianos on the “moving impossible” list. Pianos range from the small spinet piano – usually about 300 pounds – to the beauties known as concert grand … Read More
"When Households Collide: Navigating the Multiple Move-In

When Households Collide: Navigating the Multiple Move-In

So, you are preparing to move in with someone. Whether you’ll be sharing an apartment with friends, moving in with a significant other, or you’re merging households – everyone involved will have their own stuff. This is how it usually … Read More
"Moving Impossible: Aquariums

Moving Impossible: Aquariums

We’ve all acquired items that, at the time, seemed like a great idea. Then life took a sudden turn – a job change, a major family event, or an economic development — and you find yourself faced with an unexpected … Read More
"Helping Your Child Transition to a New School

Helping Your Child Transition to a New School

Moving can be especially difficult for school-age children. They are leaving behind friends, family, their home, and their school. In front of them, they face a multitude of unknowns: in some cases a new state, often a new city, and … Read More
"Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss During a Move

Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss During a Move

Before you move, there’s something you have to do first. Something you’ve probably been dreading for weeks. Don’t let another day go by – and don’t begin packing until you’ve taken this important step: the purge. When my sister moved … Read More
"What to Know About Your Summer Move

What to Know About Your Summer Move

Are you preparing to move? Look around — what time of year is it? Most people — especially families with children, college students, and military personnel — want to move in the summer. Because of this, summers are busy — … Read More
"How to Find a Real Estate Agent

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

When you are ready to move, you want to do so quickly and for a price that is best for your wallet. So how do you find a real estate agent you can trust? If you are selling a house, … Read More
"What to Know About Long-Distance Job Searches

What to Know About Long-Distance Job Searches

Employers have plenty of talented candidates to choose from for job openings these days, and most of those potential employees are local. Getting your foot in the door (or even a toe) when you are looking for a job long-distance … Read More
"Packing Supplies Checklist

Packing Supplies Checklist

Moving day is stressful enough without suddenly realizing (usually in the middle of packing a box) that you don’t have something you need. Making a mad dash to the store when your house is in disarray and the moving men … Read More
"Your Find-a-Mover Checklist

Your Find-a-Mover Checklist

When using a moving company, you are placing all of your possessions in the hands of strangers. We’ve all heard the stories of lost or damaged items, hidden fees, and unexpected delays. How can you get your belongings to your … Read More
"Finding Your First Place

Finding Your First Place

You’ve done it – you’ve completed college and now you are ready to strike out on your own. The possibilities are endless – do you want to stay close or move far away? Do you want to find an apartment, … Read More
"Helping Your Child Cope with Moving

Helping Your Child Cope with Moving

The moving process can be stressful – even for young children. There’s disruption to their routine, possibly strangers coming in and out of the house (real estate agents, home buyers, moving people), and their belongings are disappearing into boxes. Older … Read More
"Create a Backyard Oasis

Create a Backyard Oasis

You have a charming house painted in neutral colors and staged to show off its architecture and charm. As for curb appeal – your house is the prettiest on the block with mulched flower beds, containers overflowing with colorful blooms, … Read More
"Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Abroad

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Abroad

You get the news that you will be working (or studying) abroad. Exciting – but also overwhelming. You may soon find yourself in a country where you don’t speak the language or are unfamiliar with the customs and culture. To … Read More