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"Planning a Moving Sale

Planning a Moving Sale

You’ve been packing boxes ahead of your move, and the pile of items on your “do not want” list has swelled to overwhelming. It’s time to have a moving sale! Clear away the clutter, put a little extra cash in … Read More
"How to Pack a Box

How to Pack a Box

It may seem like the easiest part of the move. After all, making the decision, finding a new place to live, starting a new job, dealing with utilities and notifications, perhaps closing on a house, and all of the chaos … Read More
"Do You Belong in a Loft?

Do You Belong in a Loft?

During the 1960s, artists began illegally utilizing empty warehouses in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood as living space. In what would become a trend for the future of urban living, New York legalized the residential use of space in SoHo … Read More
"Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Home ownership is a big step – and it can be scary. Use this checklist to make sure you are ready. ____ Get a copy of your credit report and look it over carefully. Take care of any problems you … Read More
"A Little Bit Country: Finding Your Ideal Rural Location

A Little Bit Country: Finding Your Ideal Rural Location

You’ve decided that you want lots of space and plenty of quiet. A home in a rural area with nothing but the birds singing and the wind rustling the wildflowers – sounds great, but not all country is the same. … Read More
"The Big Move: How to Break the News

The Big Move: How to Break the News

Moving away from family and friends is a difficult decision, but telling them borders on impossible. So, how do you break the news, ease the blow, and lessen the drama? It won’t be easy, but here’s how to do it: … Read More
"How to Spot a Great Neighborhood

How to Spot a Great Neighborhood

It’s time to move. The city is the easy part – perhaps a job is the reason for your relocation, or you are moving for school or to be closer to family. Maybe you just decided it was time for … Read More
"Finding a Great School District

Finding a Great School District

Even if you don’t have school-age children, your school district matters. It has an impact on your home’s value, and if you ever plan to sell, a sought-after school district can be a major asset. For those who don’t have … Read More
"Organizing an Out-of-State Job Hunt

Organizing an Out-of-State Job Hunt

As the sun sets on the Great Recession and the dust begins to settle, small but noticeable changes are becoming evident: Many Americans are saving more. They tend to be thriftier. And, they are relying less on credit. A large … Read More
"Power Up Your New Home with Renewable Energy

Power Up Your New Home with Renewable Energy

If you’ve decided to go green in your new home, start with the basics: contact your trash service and ask if they have a recycling program. Some will offer this service for free, while others may ask for a very … Read More
"Moving with Your Pet

Moving with Your Pet

Moving is fraught with stressful situations. Perhaps you first had to sell your house, which can be a complicated process. Then, you had to find a new place to live. If you decided to move out of state, there could … Read More
"Don’t Forget the Utilities

Don’t Forget the Utilities

Sometimes, the small details can get overlooked during a move. Unfortunately, those small details can equal big headaches. If, for example, you don’t get your power turned on before move-in day, you could end up moving into a home with … Read More

Pet-Friendly Apartments

As a pet owner searching for apartments, what do you look for? It is one thing for a place to be pet-friendly, but many apartment complexes are going all-out for their four-legged residents. They feature dog parks, pet stations, pet-friendly … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Relocation

In the television show The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon doesn’t like to stray from his routine. He eats the same meal at the same restaurants, he has oatmeal on Oatmeal Day, he does his laundry on Laundry Day. He even … Read More
"Storage Tips

Storage Tips

*Written by Guest Blogger Brian Barwig Throughout the years, people tend to accumulate a lot of possessions. If you are in a relationship, are married or even divorced, you probably have more stuff than a single person. If you live … Read More

The Season of Relocation

Summers typically see quite a lot of moving activity – college-bound students are looking for apartments near campus, families are relocating before school begins – but this summer seems unusually active. It became quite clear over the weekend, when we … Read More
"Beyond Pet-Friendly

Beyond Pet-Friendly

I enjoy reading about the amenities that apartment communities offer. The latest ones that I’ve been seeing include cyber cafes, coffee and juice bars, continental breakfasts, saltwater zero-entry pools, and even fitness centers with free personal trainers. According to the … Read More
"What to Look for in Your New Place

What to Look for in Your New Place

More isn’t better; it just may appear that way at first. For example, if you walk into an apartment that has a huge, open floor plan, you may believe you are getting more space for your money. But is the … Read More
"Lofty Aspirations

Lofty Aspirations

In my next life, I want to live in a loft — a real, converted industrial warehouse from the 1800s. I want exposed brick, cement floors, wooden beams, ductwork and pipes, and a long wall of large windows. I want … Read More

Making the Big Decision

Maybe you’re just thinking about relocating. When I made the decision to move from Florida to Georgia, it took me two long years of flip-flopping: Yes, today it’s a great idea. No, today it’s a really bad idea. If you … Read More