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"Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Choose the closest answer to each of the following questions: 1. How easy will it be to find another job? a) Easy! My field is in high demand and I’m already fielding offers. b) It may take time, but it … Read More

Apartment Living with Kids

Kids and apartments do mix… As people are rediscovering the benefits of urban living – mass transit, walking and biking everywhere, nearby grocers, sidewalk cafes, proximity to work, nightlife – they are moving back toward apartment living. Apartments are easier to … Read More

Avoid These Mistakes

Mistakes you don’t want to make: — Only going once (or not at all) to the complex before renting an apartment. Visit several times, at different times of the day. Check the place over completely. Don’t rely on what you … Read More

Questions to Ask the Apartment Manager Checklist

You’ve narrowed down your apartment search to a few quality contenders. You like the area, the prices are within budget, and the amenities are spectacular! You’re ready to take the next step and tour the community, and hopefully walk away … Read More

Perfect-Apartment Checklist

Finding Your New Place Once you commit to a place, you’ll be there for at least the length of your lease. Use this apartment guide to find a place you’ll be happy with. Print it out and take it with … Read More
"Packing 101

Packing 101

Getting ready to move? Don’t know where to start? First things first – start collecting boxes – lots of boxes. More boxes than you think you will need. Some choose to purchase boxes from their moving company. It might be … Read More

Must-Haves in Your Next Apartment

Know your must-haves before you begin your search Sometimes, the want list overwhelms the budget. But what’s on your must-have list? Many apartment complexes are realizing that a white box isn’t quite cutting it and are offering decorative paint, elegant … Read More

Deciding on an Apartment Community

Know what you want. Before you want it. You think you like that apartment, but how do you know you’ll still love the place in a month or two? Before you sign that lease, there are a few things you … Read More
"The First Apartment-Hunting Step: Get Organized

The First Apartment-Hunting Step: Get Organized

The Decision Is Made, Now Get Organized You’ve made the decision to find an apartment. Whether it’s your first or your twenty-first, it’s still a big decision. And if you are moving to another state, the task can seem daunting. … Read More