Preparing to Move Out From Your Old Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Two Male Movers Carrying Sofa On Staircase

Preparing to move can be a taxing process for anyone, but if you start the planning long before your actual move, the transition can be quite easy. Trying to do everything on moving day is the worst thing you can do, even if you’ve hired professional movers to do the heavy lifting. Use these tips to ensure your move to your new apartment is as smooth as possible.

1. If you’re providing your own appliances, like a refrigerator or washer and dryer, make sure they’re in good shape before you bring them to your new place. Clean out your fridge and freezer no later than the day before moving day. Plus, you’ll want it completely defrosted and dry before it’s transported. Consider utilizing an ice chest to transport any foods or beverages that need to be kept cool.

2. Ensure the moving boxes are sturdy and sealed well if you’re doing your own packing. Label each box with its contents clearly as well as where it will go in the apartment (e.g. kitchen, family room, coat closet, etc.). As a packing tip, assign each room a specific color duct tape, and seal your boxes with the coordinating color. This way you can explain to your movers which color goes with which room, and you won’t have to deal with any tipping of boxes or scrounging around for labels.

3. Toiletries and other essential items should be left for last when it comes to packing, because you’ll need your toothbrush, shampoo, contact solution, etc. on moving day. Store these products in a marked container in your car, so you don’t have to hunt for them later.

4. There will be other important items you’ll want to keep close by, so they don’t get lost in the back of the truck or moving van. Consider keeping items such as school or medical records, insurance documents, and new apartment paperwork inside a folder that you can store in a purse or backpack. This way, they’ll be on you and safe – not boxed up where you can’t find them for days.

5. Moving with a child can cause added stress. Instead, make arrangements with a family member or friend to babysit the child so you can focus on the move.

6. Before you and the movers leave your current home, inspect the premises to ensure that nothing’s left behind. You may also want to do a final walk-through with your landlord or property manager prior to turning in your keys.

Preparing to move is the first step in starting over in a new apartment. You’re bound to run into some hiccups along the way, but hopefully, these tips can help make the moving process a bit easier. Once moving day comes around, your survival instincts will kick in, so don’t worry – you’ll get it done!