Preparing to Move From a House to an Apartment – Downsizing Tips

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Whether you’re aiming to save money or you’re looking to simplify your life, there are countless reasons why you’re currently preparing to move from a house to an apartment.

You might be freaking out, because you’re losing a sizable amount of living space. You probably have a lot of stuff that can’t be taken with you to an apartment, and that can be overwhelming. Utilize these tips before your upcoming move:

Take Your Time

Preparing to move from a house to an apartment is a big deal, and you probably have advance notice that the downsize is necessary. If so, take advantage of the extra time available by preparing to move several months prior to your moving day. Acclimate to a smaller living space by electing a few rooms in your house as a temporary living area that would be similar to an apartment.

Be Realistic of Your Needs

If you have pets, a pet friendly apartment community is imperative. If you have lots of large, bulky furniture, know it’s unlikely any of it will fit in an apartment. Create a list of things that are absolutely necessary in your life, and be realistic of which things can come with you when you move. It might be tough parting with certain items, but material things can always be replaced in the future if need be.


Once you’ve written down your list of necessities, it’s time to start decluttering, and you can sell or donate items you won’t need in an apartment, like a lawn mower, an outdoor grill and large appliances. If you see any items that aren’t included on your list, it’s time to get rid of those, too. If you’re struggling financially, this is a great opportunity to make some cash before you settle into your new apartment.

Get Your Kids and Pets Ready

As an adult, you’ve probably experienced quite a bit of change throughout your lifetime. For kids and animals, change is more difficult. When you’re preparing to move, allow them to get used to the idea of living somewhere other than your house. Teach your kids how to make new friends and how to keep in touch with their old ones. Since your dog won’t have a large yard to play in, take it to the park or for a long walk for their daily dose of exercise.