Qualities of a Walkable Neighborhood

Author: Lauren Ross


Pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods offer renters incredible benefits, including financial and health. By living in a “walkable” area, you can essentially save a ton of money on car/gas expenses and enjoy the health benefits of walking from place to place.

While out touring apartments in person, keep these walkable neighborhood qualities in mind so you can make the best decision for you.

You leave the store with only one bag of groceries.

By only leaving with one bag from the grocery store, it’s assumed you live fairly close by and have the luxury of swinging by daily to pick up what you need for the evening. The store is on your daily route, so you can always pop in for essentials.

Your favorite pub is on the ground floor or down the street.

We see this on almost every episode of How I Met Your Mother, when the gang meets for drinks at MacLaren’s pub. If you can make it to happy hour on time, it’s likely you live in a very walkable part of the city.

There’s no food delivery fee.

If you’re not charged a delivery fee for your supreme pizza and wings, or sesame chicken and wonton soup, you probably live relatively close by to your favorite takeout restaurant.

There’s more bicycles than cars.

If it’s easier and faster to get from point A to point B on bike than by car, you live in a pretty walkable area.

Coffee houses are on every corner.

It sure is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood when you can pick up a latte while also walking your dog. You know it’s even more of a walkable area when there’s numerous cafes and coffee shops on the same block. But, hey? You got options.

It’s cheaper to take an Uber than drive.

For those nights when walking just isn’t a viable option, it’s safe to say you live in a walkable neighborhood when the ride-share fee costs less than parking and gas mileage.

You can see the town square or park from your apartment balcony.

Open green spaces are a key indicator that you reside in a walkable neighborhood. People enjoy congregating to town squares and parks for sport, relaxation and city-sponsored events.

More mixed-use buildings are popping up.

When all your needs (shopping, theaters, restaurants and grocery) are in a single place near home, there’s no need to drive – which makes for a very pedestrian-friendly community.

You used the WalkScore® feature on Apartment Finder.

The WalkScore® on Apartment Finder helps renters find a walkable place to call home. The score is measured between 0 (car-dependent) and 100 (walker’s paradise). You can find this tool at the bottom half of the community listing.