The Big Move: How to Break the News

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Moving away from family and friends is a difficult decision, but telling them borders on impossible. So, how do you break the news, ease the blow, and lessen the drama? It won’t be easy, but here’s how to do it:

First, don’t put it off. It is a difficult conversation, but putting it off will only make it worse. Your family and friends need time to adjust to the idea. Besides, with everything that goes into a move – saving money, finding a new job, deciding where to live, packing – you are dealing with enough stress without worrying about how you will tell your loved ones, so get it over with.

If you don’t think you can endure several dramatic confrontations, plan a get-together (lunch, dinner, or after-dinner drinks) and make the announcement to everyone at once. Tell them exactly why you’ve made the decision, and soften the blow by explaining how easy it will be for them to come and visit, and for you to visit them, as well. Promise to Skype or chat on a regular basis.

Stick to your guns. After telling friends and family of your plans, they may try to dissuade you in the coming weeks before the Big Day. Remember, you’ve been considering this move for a while, but they only have a few weeks, at most, to adjust. Answer their questions, ease their fears, and don’t let discussions get heated. Remember: they are acting out of fear of losing touch with you and missing you.

Plan now to have them visit! Tell them all about the place you are moving to, and what drew you to that location. Mention landmarks, activities, and fun things that you can do. Work out a time when they can come and visit – this will give them something to get excited about and look forward to and it will take the focus off the fact that you are leaving.

Telling your loved ones that you plan on moving – especially if it is across the country or even overseas – is never easy. Just be sure you are prepared with the answers to their questions so they will know you’ve thought it through carefully. It may take some time, but once they realize how excited you are, they will be happy for you.