Utilities to Turn On Before Moving In

Author: Lauren Ross


Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting time in one’s life! It’s the start of a new adventure for your family and plus, you now have a blank canvas to decorate the home as you see fit. That’s the glamorous part of course. The other? Setting up utilities…not so much.

Turning on your utilities can be tedious work, especially if this is your first place. Even if you got an apartment that includes the cost of utilities, be sure to check your lease to see if you or your landlord is responsible for activating them.

Unsure of where to start in the process? Here’s our checklist of utilities you may need to turn on before moving in.


You got to have electricity upon arrival at your new home, so make sure it’s activated prior to your move-in date. Electricity powers your phone, kitchen appliances, HVAC system, the lights and so much more – be sure you’ve set up an account with a provider in your area.

Natural Gas

Some apartments are all electric, whereas some require electricity and gas. If your home needs both, you’ll need to inquire about opening an account. Many homes have HVAC systems that use electricity to cool down the home, and gas to heat it. Your range, stove and water heater might also use gas, so it’s important to contact a provider to turn the gas on before moving into your new place.

Phone Services

Nowadays, most people rely on their cell phones as home phones. Whether you prefer to be strictly wireless, or find comfort in having a landline too, you’ll need to make sure you have either transferred or opened an account with a phone service provider. If you wish to add a landline and already have a provider, simply call or go online to add the service.

TV and Internet

Most providers offer bundle deals for television and Internet. Although it’s not something most people need the day of, it’s best to call and schedule your appointment early since there’s typically a wait for a technician. If you’re not in a rush for cable and Internet, you could probably hold off the call until you’ve unpacked a little. For those who can’t, make the phone call a few days before you move so the technician is scheduled to come on, or just after, moving in.


You’re going to need water! Be sure you turn on your water the day before move-in. During your walk through, make sure it works by turning on a faucet and letting it run for a minute to let some of the gunk rinse out.


If your apartment requires you to have your own account for trash, call your city’s utility services to set one up. Ask about the types of bins to use for trash and recycling, along with the day you need to set it out. Some communities may include a collective utility cost for water and trash, so you don’t actually have to set up an account.

If you have lived in a place before, you may be able to transfer your services. If you’re looking into new service providers, Allconnect is a great site to locate providers and compare prices.

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