What Is the Best Time of Year to Move Apartments?

Author: Lauren Ross

moving truck

Moving can be a taxing process, especially when cost is an issue. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually save more on movers depending on what season and day you schedule the move. These two factors should be greatly considered if you are trying to keep cost low. Sometimes, though, cost just can’t be avoided when dealing with a sudden move, such as a job transfer or urgent family matter.

Flexibility can keep more money in your wallet. Rates for moving companies tend to increase during ‘peak season’ – which is in spring and summer. The day you move on can cost a pretty penny, too. Fridays and weekends are the most busy, so these rates will be much steeper than say scheduling an appointment Monday – Thursday. However, the best time of year to move really comes down to one thing: you.

Below are the pros and cons of moving during peak and non-peak season to help you make an informed decision about moving.

Why spring and summer are better:

The spring and summer months are considered peak season for movers – but it’s also peak season for you, as in there is more apartment availability. Because moving companies are busy this time of year, that means more vacant homes and apartments are up for rent. If you like to have options, spring and summer definitely has more of a selection of available homes. However, due to high demand, rent prices may be a bit more expensive.

The warm climate is also a big factor in why renters typically move in the spring and summer. Touring apartments is more pleasant when it’s warm out and families with school children can plan to move during summer break. Moving neighborhoods is also easier in the summertime because it allows kids more time to get acquainted with the new apartment, community, and neighbor kids before heading back to the classroom.

Why fall and winter are better:

Hired movers can possibly be negotiated down during fall and winter since it’s their least busy time of the year. That being said, fall and winter are also the least active seasons for moving. The weather is chilly, kids are in school, and holidays are quickly approaching making it nearly impossible to find time to move. But if you can find some time, property managers may be more accepting of a negotiation in rental price to fill a vacancy.

Fall and winter tends to see more dramatic changes in the weather, which can make moving more of a hassle. Snow storms and wintry mix are prime examples that can cause hazardous road conditions. Many major holidays fall this time of year and moving before or after them can be a headache.

As mentioned before, the best time of year to move is when it’s ideal for you. However, there are some ways to save if you can be flexible with your move-out/in date. If you are in need of a new apartment, check out the listings on Apartment Finder. We have thousands of listings with 3D floor plans, HD photos and videos, and more to help make the search experience easy and effortless.