Your After-the-Move Checklist

Author: Alecia Pirulis


You were organized (and calm!) during your move into a new apartment! You had all the right supplies, you packed and labeled your boxes, you made lists, you dealt with utilities…whew! Aren’t you glad that’s over?

Not so fast – there are some things that must be accomplished after moving day. Be sure to take care of the following:

___As you unpack, look over the inventory to make sure nothing was lost or damaged during the move. If you find a box containing a broken item, don’t touch it! Leave it exactly as it is and call the moving company and/or your insurance to submit a claim. They may send someone to look it over, so don’t handle the broken item until it has been assessed.

___Get to know your new apartment home. Do a walk-through in your home and really look and listen – is there a squeaky stair? What is that clunking noise when the air conditioner kicks on? Take note of anything you hear or see that may need to be repaired.

___Get connected. You probably had the water and electricity switched over to your new home already, but don’t forget the cable, internet, and phone.

___Request (if not already done) the locks be changed on your new apartment.

___Make sure you’ve notified everyone of your new address: the post office (be sure to register your new address), family members, friends, doctors and dentist, credit and bank bureaus, your insurance company, any subscriptions, and anyone else who will need your new mailing address.

___Apply for library cards for each family member.

___If you’ve moved to a different state, update your driver’s license, car and voter registration. You typically have a month to get this taken care of – do it now so you don’t forget!

___Order new checks with updated address.

___Research new health and service providers. You may need a new doctor, dentist, a veterinarian if you have pets and a pediatrician if you have a young child. You’ll also want recommendations for a new hair stylist, manicurist, allergist, etc. Use Yelp to read customer reviews on businesses in your area to help you get started in the search.

___Register your child for school.

___Keep all receipts and invoices from the move in a safe place.

___ Create an emergency contact list – especially if you’re in a new state. You will need numbers for doctors, nearest hospital or urgent care center, child’s school, etc. You may not remember these new numbers, especially if you find yourself in a stressful situation.

___Discover the neighborhood! You’ll want to know where the nearest supermarket is, the closest shopping areas, coffee houses, the movie theater, etc. Don’t worry if you make a few wrong turns in the beginning – just think of it as discovering new ways around the town.

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