"7 Low-Cost D.C. Neighborhoods

7 Low-Cost D.C. Neighborhoods

What do you associate with Washington D.C.? For me, I associate it with the federal government, the home of the acting president, and as a city known for its politics, gourmet food and restaurants, historic sites, and museums. It’s synonymous … Read More
"Qualities of a Walkable Neighborhood

Qualities of a Walkable Neighborhood

So you need a walkable neighborhood to move around freely? Owning a car can be such a huge expense for a renter, especially for those who reside in a city where parking fees are just as much of a headache … Read More
"Hottest Rental Markets in the Midwest

Hottest Rental Markets in the Midwest

By the Schottenstein Real Estate Group, the owner and operator of Grand at Florence in Kentucky. Apartment living has made affordable living in big cities much more feasible for much of the U.S. population. Monthly rentals make it easier for … Read More